Weight loss success stories are all around us. They’re everywhere online, through friends and family. They’re in newspapers and magazines, and everywhere you look. So, how does someone know if they have what it takes to lose weight and keep it off for the long term? Read on to discover what it takes to succeed at losing weight and keeping it off!

1. Are You Ready?

First, take a moment to consider why you’re interested in losing weight. Do you want to lose weight to improve your health or feel better in your clothes? Maybe you want to look better for a special event coming up. It doesn’t matter why, however, make sure that you are ready to begin changing your lifestyle. If you’re not ready to begin, you probably shouldn’t begin.

2. Put Down That Soda

Losing weight can be hard work. You will need to stay strong and avoid temptation. It will help to stop drinking soda for a while. Sodas are high in sugar and sodium and can help you gain weight and not be all that good for your body. This is just one example, of the things you have to do to be successful.

3. Find Support

It can be very hard to follow a weight loss plan or stick to one if you do not have the support of others who are trying to lose weight. A good place to find support is from your family and friends. They will be able to help you through difficult times and keep you motivated along the way. It is not hard to stay on track when you have support and motivation.

4. Keep Track of Your Progress

Remember to keep track of your progress. Track your weight loss and write down the reasons for losing weight especially if there are emotional or physical setbacks. By keeping a record of your progress, you will be able to see how far you’ve come along, and from there, you can design new goals and plan to achieve them. Look ahead for the next ten weeks if you’ve not lost a pound so far and try to lose a weight a week or two more than you originally planned.