When someone decides to do something they are far more likely to give it 100 percent than when that same person isn’t committed. Commitment to weight loss is not a temporary thing, it’s a lifestyle change. You must be committed to changing your current habits and especially your eating habits if you are going to be successful.


You have to keep telling yourself what you have to do, how much weight you have to lose, how long it’s going to take you, and all of those other helpful motivation tips.


The mind is very powerful, especially the subconscious mind. So many people have the desire and the intention to do something, but they can’t get themselves to do it because something is holding them back. Rather than letting that hold you back, you must force yourself to visualize how you are going to look and feel once you reach your goal. You have to see yourself succeeding and enjoy the feeling of it.


Having someone by your side keeps the 7000 Steps ongoing. A great way to do this is to leave the lights on at night and go for a walk. So when the urge strikes you could medicate with beauty sleep or go to karate or just walk.

Have a Plan

People always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My friend says that it’s the only meal of the day. I say that’s the starting point, and even I have learned how crucial eating breakfast is to weight loss in the long run.

Eating breakfast prevents you from eating like you’re waiting to eat throughout the day. It gets in your body and gets your metabolism going. Once you’ve gotten used to eating breakfast, you might find out that you no longer get the impulse to eat something.


This seems like a no brainer, and it is a known fact, but to be successful you must include proper exercise. Let’s say you don’t like exercising, finding something you enjoy can help you to keep your motivation high.

There is so much information on this subject, but in essence weight loss is simply adjusting your lifestyle just a little bit. The best way to achieve any weight loss goal is by maintaining your dedication level and being realistic about what you can do. If you can’t do 100 pushups right away, start with 10, and you’ll eventually.

Never give up!

This is probably the single most important element of weight loss, and if you have not found your groove it could be the missing link. Stay focused on the ultimate goal and know that you can do anything that you put your mind to.

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