There has been an intense and furious reaction to the recent documentary about the eating habits of the average person in America. During the making of the film, there were many questions asked as to how people eat from a young age to what age they have changed.

When you begin to watch this you will see that the average starvation diets will make people thin by removing all of the protein and amazing amounts of essential fats that are required to fight off certain diseases. The average starving diets will only make people skinny for a very short period, however, this is because the bodies of most people are not able to reduce or get rid of the fat naturally.

What people want is to be skinny, and it looks reasonable to assume that people want to be skinny and healthy for when they age they desire a bit more as a result, and for some, they go to extremes. The power of food is great, and I will show you the power of food using an example of how your body uses it.

The food you consume

Now let’s talk about how your body makes use of the food you consume. The body needs carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and proteins to function which include your brain. Now if you have read or done this before I assume you know that you could get all the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables, however, it is not the only way! If you starve your body of those essential fats and carbohydrates then it will use up your proteins. Your body will then have no proteins to build, and without vital acids, throughout the body, it can not build the cells!

Now we all must understand that the body requires food to work and should not be used as a replacement to eat adequately. We must all eat a wide range of nutrients for life. This is because the nutrients in our food are used to make our digestive system and keeping the cells healthy. If we ignore our food and do not eat for a day or two we may see some scars on the inside of our body that we are not wanting. As it is a build-up of what we should have been sticking in our system in the first place!

There is an interesting theory behind eating what you should eat. In this theory – which has been proven by scientific research – your body’s chemistry is balanced, it needs everything on the food pyramid, and if we invent or combine the foods we consume we can make them live faster and be better for us! We need protein, carbohydrates, fats, sugar, vitamins, minerals, etc. We need food to function properly and for everyday life, for the muscles, skin, lungs, heart, and circulatory systems to function properly.

Now as we have stated before the body can use protein and carbohydrates, fats, and sugars to build the cells and secrete the enzymes, enzymes, etc. to regulate the body working properly.

Now if we alter our food intake we can alter our chemistry! Just simple enough, we can alter our food intake into living food. We need to:

  • increase the number of meals we eat every day to ensure that the body has a constant supply of food to build cells and to help burn fat;
  • allow more roughage in our food;
  • allow more of fruits and vegetables to be eaten;
  • and allow more of the body to receive vitamins and minerals as they are built up from our food intake.

Here is a pyramid for weight-conscious people

People need a variety of nutrients, and that is why people “go on a diet.” If we could only eat food one specific food group we would have no variety and would not be able to function properly, for us and our bodies. So I would suggest you eat plenty of fruit vegetables; grains; vegetables; meat and fat they all provide plenty of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.

Food high in protein such as meats, fish, and dairy products and dairy products are very high in protein and also contain fat, so avoid processed foods or foods low in fat. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are digested very quickly therefore the food intake should be small but frequent. The pyramid is recommended as an approximate guide or ideal if you wish to vary your diet. If the food pyramid does not meet your requirements then make a list of foods you do like the most and then make yourself a list of foods you like the least. As you do this list keep a record of the calories of the foods you are eating, you will quickly notice how much of the different foods you are eating are, in essence eating more or less; you can do this by jotting them down in a book or piece of paper,/ by the look on the package if you like. This will help you eat less of the foods you do not like, and also it is easier for your body to adjust to smaller meals in the future.

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