I don’t believe in goal-setting, training, or dedication. If I set a goal and don’t get it, I feel like a failure. Losing weight is simple and requires little more than patience and commitment. – How hard can it get? What’s harder, in theory, than losing more weight? As with most things in life, the results in weight loss are doubled when you apply the right technique. Let’s take a look at the situation and work out what’s going on.

There are three things at play which are essentially the opposite of each other.

Losing weight is hard enough without superhuman motivation for weight loss or a personal reason to lose weight. How many people do you know who are motivated to lose weight and succeed? Just about none, and they don’t seem to be trying hard enough!

Having a personal reason to lose weight is an essential requirement if you want it to go on, and go well. Sometimes you may need a ‘reward’ as you reach milestones of weight loss or similar, which gives motivational kicks. And in the rarest of cases, there may even be health benefits to shedding some pounds.

How can you find your reason for losing weight

I like using weight lists. They help me to decide if I’m still attempting weight loss, or whether I’m ‘sucky’ and should lose more or is it as straightforward as gaining weight. Weight loss can be hard, as so many people will relate if you’ve prepared it. Personally, if it’s been difficult to shed it for me it’s been a seen-the grind. My personal history puts me somewhere squarely in the overweight category. Moving piecemeal through one phase of training along with the next is a constant reminder that I’m trying to get rid of it, and hopefully, gain more strength.

To enhance my self-motivation with a little extra USI I use a pedometer to identify my progress each day in achieving such goals as losing 10k calorie slashes. It also serves to remind me of the capacity of my body and how good a ‘road map’ it makes for a daily trek towards such goals as reducing my weight by 1kg.

If you cannot find a USI for your self-motivation what can you use? Any kind of Objectives set before you. Do you believe you can get to a certain destination? What is the simplest way to get there? Do you believe you’ll get there without the help of a scale or calorie counting? What about counting calories? Most people don’t have the time, or the willpower, to weigh all food they eat and calculate the calories in it. Where does your motivation lie?

Mindset habits

Look for your motivation by inculcating certain mindset habits, but no more than you would enjoy if you were trying to stop smoking or drinking. Saying, “Shouldn’t I be wearing something special” isn’t the answer. Nor, “I’ve had this for years and I just never used it” or “What’s the point, it doesn’t work for me, I’ll get herself a new one”. You know, there are plenty of people who have used it and now live the life they wanted, without expecting it of themselves.

Procrastinating is another major ingredient that makes people fail to become more healthy. The way to eliminate the excuses that may stop you from trying to lose weight is to tell oneself each day that you’ll do what you need to do to become more healthy, and you’ll have enthusiasm for all the right reasons.

It doesn’t give you the right to say ‘I’ll look after myself’ or spend time because you ‘don’t deserve’ it. Excuses are behavior abuse, and whilst you may lose weight quickly by cutting down on food, you are vulnerable to the temptation of binge eating, and the unwelcome friendship of the delightful cuisine. Why not combine accessories to make you feel less responsible for your eating habits, and take it from the healthy person you want to be, to someone who eats healthily and makes the best of every day?

To lose weight without dieting or joining a group is essential. It may seem hard to resist the magnetic attraction of a group of like-minded people, and their shared slice of enthusiasm; but that’s not going to mean you’ll lose weight. By avoiding group activity, and replacing the candle. Share with emotional connecting through making lasting promises to one another only, you will make your diet more effective.

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