As a child comes early childhood education experts suggest creative play to be the first step for a child’s growth and learning. Creativity is essential to a child’s survival. As such, parents are encouraged to teach creativity to their children. Encouraging creativity has various positive outcomes including higher than average test scores and less stressful life. However, parents have to be certain that children understand the importance of creativity to a day to day operation of their lives.

Start from yourself

To start, parents should show creativity themselves. Baby Costumes can be a great tool for creative play. While baby dolls are necessities, they are only toys for babies. Toys can be a great tool for creative play. A baby doll coming back from the hospital dressed as her favorite vet with her baby name can build up a child’s imagination. Having a child play dress up a set of dolls portraying an occupational or physical dance could light up a child’s’ creative thinking.

Being creative is not only about creating

Fact or Fiction Books, or showing group stories. Creative play can also be about the games themselves. This is a given fact. A child playing with a real set of dice or playing with blocks goes through a creative process of reasoning and filling in the spaces to achieve a total. If the reasons that are given by parents are limited and usually do not allow children to start creative play, such as, not wanting to get their hands dirty. Kids may find a sense of accomplishment in the act of filling in the spaces in a word grid, filling in the spaces in a word chart to write a story about a vacation, or letting children decide what foodstuff they wish to feed their family.

Moms and dads should realize the importance of creative play in child development. This is most likely the most natural part of a child’s growth and development. Direct emphasis is placed on creative themes for toddlers through school age. Three and four-year-olds alike, are expected to have strong language skills and complex cognitive abilities. Five-year-olds are expected to demonstrate creativity in their writing and logic. At nearly all stages of the development curve, children need time to play and explore the world around them. Creative play is vitally important at this time and should never be ignored.

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